Beautiful like Maldives @ Redang Island


When we saw the speedboat, we almost wanted to give up going to Redang Island. It was shaking up down left right, I have to hold on to every pole in the boat to get a seat. But when the speedboat started moving, it did not shake so much. Phew~~

The moment we reached Redang Island and walked to the beach, this was what welcomed me! And right at the moment, all the shakiness on the speedboat was well worth it! It is so blue and so pretty!!!!


A purple bungalow?! Anyway, love it. So fairy tale like! I am glad that the company chose Redang Island instead of other places. But the sun is so strong and burning! And I forgot to put on my SPF 130 sunblock! So I ended up getting sun burnt on my shoulders. Hu!


Masculine handsome guys!!! Woo Hoo~~~ The sun and the beach, feeling blissful.


With my colleagues. Having fun just by stepping bare-footed on the sand and in the clear blue sea water. šŸ™‚

1157555_10151557061111027_1200693900_n (1)

Can you see that the water is so clear! There are small white transparent fishes swimming around and I can see them!

1002501_10151557067561027_1954764967_n (1)

Redang Lagoon. The sun is so scorching hot.


There’s a small open-aired non air-conditioned cafe with food and drinks. Also, there was a mini band singing. The atmosphere was really good and relaxing. The first time I am not worried about the sun burning me. Heh. At this moment, a coconut drink matches the holiday beachy atmosphere so well.


Colourful Ice Kachang. Erm…but I don’t really like the peanut in it. Somehow, peanut in Ice Kachang is weird. After the drink and dessert, we went back to the beach to play with the water. Fun! We went back to the cruise around 5pm to bath and have dinner. That’s all. The next day, we reached Singapore and that’s the end of our company’s short holiday. ^^


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