Birthday Lunch for 2 @ Carousel


It’s sorta our (Yen and myself)’s tradition to have a good and atas birthday lunch together in the month of August because the both of us are born in this month! For this year, we are indulging ourselves at Royal Plaza – Carousel. It’s buffet style and it cost about $53 (all in) per pax after credit card discount and it was well worth it!

For me, I can’t eat a lot in a single meal, hence, to make my buffet worthwhile, I will start from the expensive food. I had sashimi (salmon, tuna and white fish), fresh prawns, crab claws, clams, mussels, scallops. OMG. The prawns and the crab claws are so big, fat, sweet and juicy.

The clams, mussels and scallops were meaty as opposed to those that I usually had in an international buffet. That is how fresh the seafood are! I usually love sashimi but seriously, with the prawns and crab claws around, the sashimi did not shine as much. However, it was still fresh and yummy!

One negative aspect that I felt that day, the crab claws were not refilled after the first round! It was only when I am leaving after 2 hours of eating, that the crab claws were refilled. Hu! How sad!


There was also cray fish. The usual cray fish that I had in a buffet was often small, non-juicy and tasteless but this one was not. It was very meaty, spongy and fresh. Nonetheless, I still prefer the crab claws! The highlight of the lunch was mainly seafood. The cooked stuff were good too, such as the Indian ‘Nan’, Squid Masala, Teriyaki Chicken, but I only had bits of it because seafood were my main targets. Heh!


The service at Carousel was superb! Yen made reservation online and she wrote the reason as ‘Birthday’. And we were surprised by the birthday cupcake. So sweet of them! Even helped us to take a photo and sent it to our emails in an electronic birthday card format. How nice!

The birthday cupcake was topped with many different coloured creams and it was such a pretty. The cream was so smooth and the cake itself was soft and fragrant. It was yummy despite that it was free. We really appreciated it.

The dessert section of the buffet was great with a wide spread though I was too full to try everything. There were different flavoured cakes, chocolate / strawberry fondue with fruits, puffs, marshmallows, cakes and ice cream! The cakes were not very much to my liking because I thought there’s a strong ‘milky’ taste. I love the chocolate fondue though. It is more of towards dark chocolate fondue? šŸ™‚


A photo of Yen and myself. Feeling blissful that we are in the 9th year of friendship. ^^


After a satisfying lunch, took a photo at the hotel’s lobby before saying goodbyes to each other. And I am off to do some shopping alone. šŸ™‚


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