Korean Cuisine @ Kho Kho Nara

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This was my ootd. Top is from Forever 21, shorts is bought online, necklace is from H&M. The sunglasses is a birthday gift from my mum – Gucci! Oh and tried on the new NYX orange lipstick which I bought from Sephora which is cheap, lasting and moisture!

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Since Corinne has the car now and I have strong craving for Korean Cuisine, we went to ‘Kho Kho Nara’ at Tanjong Pagar for lunch. Corinne highly recommended this place cos she has been here for several occasions. As we could only reserve a table at 1.30pm, we were massively hungry by the time we reach there and we over-ordered! Haha.

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You know that the food is good if Koreans ate there too. Yes. there are a few Koreans when we were there. Their famous are the ‘Army Stew’ and their ‘Fried Chicken Combo’. We ordered both and also added ramen to the army stew (I already said we over-ordered, lol).

The ramen is actually Korean Maggi Mee but it is really nice! Soft and springy, especially when it absorbs the soup! There are Tofu, Mushroom, Korean Tunghoo, Kimchi and Choice of Pork / Tuna / Luncheon Meat. We chose Luncheon Meat and omg, luncheon meat with Kimchi soup base is really heavenly matching.

This ‘Army Stew’ is really authentic cos the soup base is very thick unlike those watery / thin soup base which I think is made from Kimchi powder (like those provided in Instant Noodles) that I usually had in other Korean restaurants. The kimchi taste is so strong and all the ingredients in it absorb the soup till every mouthful is a burst of happiness in the mouth.

photo (27)

Of cos, complimentary side dishes are also the highlight of Korean Cuisine. This marinated white radish is sweet, sour and crunchy! I didn’t really like radish because it usually has a weird taste of ….. uncooked radish? But this one is really good and makes me even hungrier after eating this.

photo (31)

The side dishes are mostly marinated with Korean Sesame Oil and I love it. I am not sure if these side dishes are refillable (though Corinne said they are) cos we over-ordered and there’s no need to refill the side dishes at all. Lol.

The ‘Fried Chicken Combo’ has 3 types of fried chicken and I find the one with the sweet sauce best! Next time, I am gonna just ordered the fried chicken with the sweet sauce! I supposed their fried chicken are famous cos it is not oily and yet very crispy.

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The total bill comes up to $63, which I find it on the high end but well, I guess Korean Cuisine are most of the time on the high end in Singapore. But I suppose once in a while subjecting myself to such an enjoyment is well worth it. ^^


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