Days in Tokyo – Dinner @ Matsuya

PicMonkey Collage2

Before we went for dinner, we went to OIOI Department Store which is near to our hotel in Ikebukuro, to shop around. Mum managed to buy 2 pieces of flowery handkerchief over here. Matsuya is just located opposite of OIOI department store which can be easily spotted with its’ bright yellow signage.

The seats were all ‘counter-seat’ and it was rather crowded during dinner time. As usual, the ordering and payment is via a vending machine which displays everything in Japanese. With my limited Japanese, I have to make do with the pictures and some of the wordings but I managed to do fine and order the right food. Heh.


Collect the tickets from the vending machine and hand it over to the person-in-charge over the counter and he will prepare your food. This is what I ordered. Gyu-Don with the ‘oh so beautiful’ egg with sprinkles of Japanese onion.


This is Gyu Don with egg but without the Japanese Onion and the miso soup is more flavorful with more ingredients like tofu, tau pok, seaweed, radish etc. I prefer the Gyu Don without the Japanese Onion because the strong onion taste will cover the tastiness of the beef.

The beef itself is so heavenly good! In huge pieces, soft, juicy and the sauce is so yummy! Mix the beef together with the egg and the Japanese round and shiny pearl-like rice, I really love this much! As compared to the Yoshinoya in Singapore, this one is so much more nicer!

PicMonkey Collage4

We went to the basement of Tobu Department Store which is connected to Ikebukuro Station for more food after dinner. As many would have known, the basement of Japanese Department Store is a place with all the treasures for food and free sampling!

I bought the Fried (Ebi) Croquette and omg, the prawns are in big pieces (not minced prawn), crunchy and fresh! On the other hand, the ‘bao’ and the ‘siew mai’ is just ma-ma desu (average).

PicMonkey Collage3

Back to the hotel room, bath and it’s supper time. I have been eating non-stop. These are the breads that we bought at the Asakusa Supermarket earlier. The one on the left is White Sesame Red Bean Bun, the one at the centre is Black Sesame Red Bean Bun and the one on the right is a Cream Bun.

All 3 are delicious! You know, I love Japanese bread, cream and red bean. The cream is not very sweet and is very smooth. The red bean is also not very sweet, big fat juicy and super fragrant!


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