The Good Food @ Maxwell Food Centre

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My ootd. The long dress is from Uniqlo, sunglasses is from Eltrend and the scandals (one of my favorite!) is from Forever 21. At the sight of this red house, it is obvious that this is Tanjong Pagar. 1 month ago, Mum and I went to Maxwell Food Centre for lunch because we were like craving for the Ngoh Hiong and the Hainanese Curry Rice!

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The famous Ngoh Hiong. I love the ‘Egg with Pork Oil’ the best cos it has this very very fragrant taste which I do not know how to describe it. Lol. Next favorite on the list will be the ‘Pork Liver Roll’ and the taste is definitely not disgusting or soggy like what most people think liver would be.

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Hainanese Curry Rice with the famous Fried Pork Chop! I personally prefer the Marinated Pork Belly more cos the fats are just adequate (not too fatty or too skinny) and the sauce is salty sweet! The cabbage is also yummy as it is soft and juicy. With a big spoonful of the Hainanese Curry on the rice, no one can resist not eating this!

In fact, from young, my mum has been bringing me to Maxwell Food Centre for the Ngoh Hiong and Hainanese Curry Rice. After so many years, I would say the standard and quality of the food have dropped, but still the Ngoh Hiong and Hainanese Curry Rice are still the best-est among Singapore! 🙂

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Dessert time from the famous store. The red bean soup is not just red bean, but there are black glutinous rice and some other ingredients in it which make it different from the usual red bean soup. It is more flavorful and the soup is a little starchy and not as thin / watery.

The peanut soup with ‘Tang Yuan’ is also one of the store’s popular dessert but I find the peanut soup itself, is just normal, like those ‘can’ peanut soup which my mum cooks at home. Nonetheless, the ‘Tang Yuan’ itself is a burst of happiness in the mouth with sesame and peanut!

Nowadays, we usually indulge ourselves in restaurants or the air-conditioned food courts, we should once in a while blaze the scorching heat and eat at Maxwell Food Centre for some really good and cheap food! ^^


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