Days in Tokyo – Breakfast @ Mos Burger

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Staying at Hotel Metropolitan Tokyo is not only convenient and near to the Ikebukuro Station which consists of various subway lines, Tobu line and the JR Yamanote Line, just opposite the back entrance of the hotel, lies Mos Burger and Dotor Cafe which provides great and yummy breakfast! If you are more willing to walk for 5 minutes, there’s KFC, Yoshinoya and McDonald across the road. πŸ™‚

Our first breakfast in Tokyo, we chose to eat at Mos Burger. It was a chilly morning and we are so glad that there’s heater in the restaurant!


The meal comes in a set, set includes the main dish and choice of corn soup, tea or coffee. My parents chose tea and I chose the corn soup which i love, because the corn taste is so strong and fragrant, with bits of juicy corns in it as well. I had the burger with flat sausage (not sure if it’s pork or chicken). The burger itself is soft and fluffy (OMG!), the vegetables is fresh, so is the tomato which is so sweet and juicy.

Oh and if you are worrying about ordering in Japanese, there’s English menu which will be provided to you once the counter person notice that you are a foreigner. In any case if there’s no English menu being provided, there are pictures! Just point. Heh.


My parents both ate the bread with sausage. I had a few bites of it and I thought this was really delicious! The bread is toasted till it became crispy on the outside and soft inside, and it is totally not hard. The sausage is crunchy and juicy, with the mustard sauce, I thought it’s good.

In Japan, it is often a norm to bring the trays, plates, cups and bowls to the ‘Return’ area after you have completed your meal. At the return area, you will need to separate papers and plastics, and dispose them accordingly for recycling purpose.

I have never eaten breakfast at Mos Burger in Singapore, so I can’t compare, but I am happy with the quality of it in Japan. πŸ™‚


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