Lunch @ Crystal Jade

PicMonkey Collage1

This is my ootd. The top is from Forever 21 (notice the nice design at the back), the jean is also from Forever 21, shoes are from New Look and the Necklace is from Accessorize.

PicMonkey Collage2

Here’s a closer look of the necklace. Oh and I tried the other pinkish color of NXY lipstick which I bought and I love it much. So natural and yet not pale. 🙂

photo (28)

I was sick last Tuesday, having Gastric Flu is a terrible experience! The gastric cramp till as if twisted around and the pain is really not endurable and I even feel like blacking out. Lucky after the injection and the medication, the pain is gone in a day. But what comes after is indigestion and often bloated-ness after every meals. Oh well, so I got to just eat healthy plain sick-person’s food till I fully recover.

The only good food that I can have at Orchard with a not fully recovered gastric is Crystal Jade’s porridge and Ha Kau. How sad!

photo (34)

I love the Dim Sum and Porridge in Crystal Jade. Though less variety in the Dim Sum but I find it likable because they are just right on my taste buds.

I had the ‘Pi Dan Shou Rou Zhou’, and I like how the porridge is not watery-like and still with texture. Oh and it is not salty.

photo (32)

Another favorite of mine is the Ha Kau because the skin is transparent, thin and does not separate from the prawns. The most important is the natural sweet soup from the prawns that are contain within the Ha Kau. Hence, every mouthful of the Ha Kau, you will enjoy a burst of soup in the mouth. Yummy.

photo (33)

My mum had the Wanton Noodle. I don’t really fancy Hong Kong’s style Wanton Noodle because the noodle often has a strong ‘Noodle’ taste. The Wanton is nice though, the prawns are so fresh, fat, crunchy and sweet. I love the soup too cos it is cooked with ‘Bian Yu’ (literally translated to Dried Flat Fish) and there’s a special fragrant of the ‘Bian Yu’ in the soup.

photo (31)

Another must-have Dim Sum is the Steamed Chicken Feet! Their sauce is sweet salty with a bit of spiciness and the chicken feet is fat! Heh.


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