Days in Tokyo – Lunch and Shop @ Harajuku Takeshita Street

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Harajuku Takeshita Street is just on the opposite street from Meiji Shrine. We walk through the street and on to Omotesando Street in search for the famous Tonkatsu restaurant recommended by my friend but we fail to find it!

So we end up walking back to Takeshita Street and saw a Udon Food Chain, Hanamaru. There’s a staircase leading down to the basement entrance and the food here is really good!


We got ourselves a table and I went to queue for the ordering of food. I ordered for myself udon with onsen egg and for my parents, beef udon. After collecting the udon, move on to the tempura shelves and select just what you feel like having.

There is a whole lot of variety ranging from onsen egg, prawn, squid, vegetables etc and it’s really delicious! The last step is of cos move on to the cashier and make payment.


Beef udon with a beefy soup base and I love this too! Their udon are so springy and nice!


Tempura! There’s prawn, squid, vegetables and onsen egg. I piled them up on a small plate though. Lol.

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After lunch, it is crazy shopping at Forever 21 and H&M! I don’t understand why is Harajuku so crowded even during a weekday afternoon! And most of the crowd are the locals. Hello, don’t have to work or study?! Lol.

Forever 21 and H&M is really cheap or rather cheaper than in Singapore. Probably, due to the better exchange rate nowadays. I find H&M smaller and the range is about similar to Singapore. But the range at Forever 21 is just so nice and different! Every single piece seems so attractive and I just couldn’t stop myself from grabbing them. Even the accessories are just GREAT! It’s 5-storied plus a basement, duh!

The shops along Takeshita Street is also full of surprises. I bought lots of socks and accessories, and they are not expensive! There’s a 2-storied drug store, Matsumoto Kiyoshi which I went crazy in it. I swear I am gonna come back again for more shopping before I fly back, and I did!

After much shopping, it’s time for some snack. There’s this store selling hot dog bun next to H&M and we decided to try it. It is yummy! It’s just a hot dog bun, what’s so fantastic about it? Cos the bread has a hole in the middle, and the hot dog is place through the hole.

Furthermore, the bread is crisp on the outside and soft inside, together with the juicy sausage, it really make up a good snack after a tiring day of walking. Yes? 🙂


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