Days in Tokyo – Dinner @ Ikebukuro

PicMonkey Collage

 We aren’t too sure where to go for dinner and we just wander down the streets around Ikebukuro and spot this Ramen shop. In Japan, I feel that you can’t be too wrong by random spotting and eating at a restaurant because the food quality is usually good, very good, duper good, delicious and very delicious. 😛


I forgot the name of this shop but the ramen is rather nice. We have to order through the vending machine outside of the shop and there are pictures on it to aid us in choosing. But I took a while to choose until a queue started to form behind me making me hell lot of stress because I need to order 3 bowls!

This is the Black Soup Ramen. I love this because it has a strong taste of pepper and garlic. The bamboo shoots are nice and soft, onsen egg is of cos good and the char siew are in thick slices with just enough fats to make it yummy.


This is the usual Tonkatsu Soup Base which is thick and nice.  Slurps.



The owls are spotted opposite of JR Ikebukuro Station near to the Matsumoto Kiyoshi drug store. Aren’t they CUTE?!

PicMonkey Collage1

The night ended with supper bought from the basement of Tobu Department Store and a pear flavor ice cream from Lawson convenient store.

The fried fish is crispy and good but the red bean bun is really just mediocre. The pear flavor ice cream is duper yummy!!! We had this almost everyday! Opps. It’s like true pear, you know, not flavoring but the true pear flavor, like pear juices. Thumbs up for this! 😀


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