Brunch @ Dean & Deluca

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OOTD. The long dress is from Uniqlo, slim blue belt and necklace are from H&M, and slippers is from D&C. I received my 2nd batch of Stylenanda 3CE Korean Cosmetics which I ordered from their website last Thursday. So I am ready to use them last Saturday. Heh.

I tried on the new foundation and it was REALLY good! There’s coverage but yet it’s not thick, it looks so natural, thin and transparent with a natural glow of the skin. It’s exactly like the Korean singers that you see on TV. I find it so much better than Laneige BB Cushion (not that Laneige is bad, just if you compare, Laneige has lower coverage).

The creamy eye liner is also damn good cos it’s easy to draw and it’s duper water + oil proof that it won’t smudge at all for a whole day. Yet, it’s easy to remove just with an eye-makeup remover. I tried on the EVITA color and it’s like dark purple. Somehow, I thought it makes my eyes bigger than when I use CATS color (Matte Black).

Stylenanda lipsticks are also highly recommended cos it’s very moisture, and the color is very uniform. It will not end up in patches like some other brands that I used. The color I put on today is Bad Pink and I love it max!

Opps, I think I digress a little from the topic. Heh. 😀

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We had brunch at Dean & Deluca located at Orchard Central. I have been wanting to try the pancakes with creams and berries since long time. This plate cost $22 or $25?! Expensive! But it’s damn nice and not to say, pretty~~~ just exactly like how girls love them.

The pancakes are so buttery that I could smell it while taking photos! Oh and they are oh so fluffy!  Coupled with the refreshing, non sweet but vanilla-filled fragrance of the cream, and tiny bits of the berries (sour sweet), it’s just yummalicious!

4 pieces of pancakes is really too much for me! I ate 3 pieces and donated 1 piece to my mum, but I am still left feeling full! I even skip dinner that day. Hur. 😛

photo 3 (8)

Since the first time that I had the Hot Chocolate here, I have been a loyal Hot Chocolate drinker whenever I visit Dean & Deluca. It’s just so thick and chocolate-ly, not diluted or too sweet like others.

photo 4 (7)

photo 5 (7)

There are 2 types of burgers and I think the only difference is one has mushrooms and the other does not have. Is it? I can’t really remember, but anyway I ordered the one with mushrooms. It’s Angus Beef Burger! $24! I have the beef well-done because I had medium-well beef elsewhere and most of the time they are bloody!! Hello, it looks more like medium than medium well. So I decided not to take the risk and had well-done.

Lucky! Cos there’s still a little little bit of blood (but acceptable to me) in the meat. But I would say the beef is super nice! It has the beefy-taste and still remains juicy even though it’s well-done. Oh and the mushroom in the burger is REALLY good! The fries are duper crispy, like it is still very crispy even after it is cold. There’s BBQ sauce for the fries and it’s just too matching!

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After brunch and chit chatting for a while, we are off for shopping. Tried on this dress at Forever 21 and I love it. But my mum says not nice. So I didn’t buy it. Hehe. 🙂


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