Days in Tokyo – Ueno Park (Of temples, shrines and more Sakura)


Along the Sakura Path, there’s 上野大佛. I am not too sure about the history and background because I just happen to come across this place and did not see much description about it in Japan Guide. Heh.



We need to climb a short flight of stairs to get here and my mum decided to not climb. So I climb with my dad and I can only ask my dad to take a photo for me. Eh, but I really have no comments on his photography skills. 😛


The statue of the Imperial Prince Komatsunomiya Akihito. He was the first president of the Japanese Red Cross Society.



花园神社 along the path of Ueno Park. Not too sure of the background of this as well. Hehe. I just love the rows of torii gates which reminds me of Fushimi Inari in Kyoto (though I have never been there before). 🙂



Beautiful dark pink flowers in Ueno Park.



From this angle, I really can’t get a proper shot but this is Bentendo. It is an octagonal temple hall on an island in Shinobazu Pond at the southern end of the park. The temple is dedicated to Benten, the goddess of good fortune, wealth, music and knowledge. Bentendo’s grounds are especially lively during the cherry blossom season when they are crowded with food stalls.

Not sure if it’s cos the Shinobazu Pond next to Bentendo is not very clean or it’s the weather, there are lots of small flies flying around. I do not dare to even open my mouth to talk too much. 😀


Shinobazu Pond.




We saw more cherry blossoms on our way to Yushima Tenmangu from Bentendo. These are more fully bloom and they are just so pretty!



Looks like Sakura wing has grew on my back. Heh. 😛


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