Days in Tokyo – Shabu Shabu Lunch at Ginza

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We took the subway to Ginza for Shabu Shabu Lunch @ Shabusen. It comes in set meals and from what I could remember, the price is rather reasonable and not too high.


PicMonkey Collage

The interior has this old Kyoto’s feel and the service is REALLY good! The waitress is so attentive that should she notice that we are at a lost of what to do (like what are the sauces for), she will hurried over to guide us. Heh.

The soup base for traditional Shabu Shabu is actually plain. It’s for the purpose of just cooking our meat so that we can taste the original sweetness and freshness of it. There’s some sauce, green onions and black pepper for us to put in a small bowl, then scoop the soup into the bowl, stir and it is ready for drinking. And somehow, the soup is tasty after adding in the sauce, green onions and black pepper!


Vegetables, Tofu and Tung Hoon.


Pork Belly and Pork Tenderloin (I think).


Beef and Pork! All in all, the meat are very fresh, adequate thickness and fatness, tasty and yummy!!! Slurp~~


The ending comes with a red bean porridge. Quite plain besides the sweetness of the red bean. But if added in some Japanese Soya Sauce, I thought it’s actually quite nice. 😀


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