Days in Tokyo – Shop @ Ginza and Tonkatsu Dinner :)


Even though this is my second time to Tokyo (4th time to Japan), it’s my first time stepping onto Ginza. I have always thought that Ginza houses all the branded goods and I don’t think I will be able to afford those. Hence, I have always avoided this place.

However, during my research, I notice that there’s a 11-Storied Uniqlo and a H&M over here, so I decide to visit Ginza for the Shabu Shabu lunch and then shopping. 🙂

I am not disappointed! I have a great time shopping over here. From Gu (Uniqlo sub brand, cheaper range), Uniqlo, H&M and Forever 21 XXI. Gu is really highly recommended as the price range is very friendly with good quality and nice range of clothes. Uniqlo is very much cheaper than Singapore, especially sales items!

H&M is rather small and the range is similar to Singapore, so I didn’t get anything from here. Forever 21 XXI series is not as nice as the Forever 21 at Harajuku, but still great to shop! It’s 4-5 storied, I think. 😛

PicMonkey Collage3

There’re a few department stores at Ginza too. We walk over to Mitsukoshi basement to look for dinner and we happen to come across this small Tonkatsu store, 乾山. We are very much attracted by the plastic food sample displays and since the price is reasonable, we decide to try it. 😀

PicMonkey Collage2


This is what I have. Tonkatsu with a layer of egg Don ( with rice). The Tonkatsu is very thick and the meat is juicy and soft. The outer layer is really crispy! I love it.


This is what my parents have. Similarly delicious!


This is supper back in the hotel. I know it’s FAT but it’s NICE!  I bought it from Ikebukuro Tobu Deparment Store Basement. The cream is so refreshing, fragrance and tasty! Not too sweet and coupled with the sweet sour strawberry, yummy!

The other flavor is red bean and I love this so so so much! The match of red bean and cream is just too amazing! I finish the red bean one in seconds! 😛


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