Lunch – Romankan Yokohama Katsu

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OOTD. The plain t-shirt is from Uniqlo, flowery skinny jeans from Forever 21 and the necklace from H&M. New lip color from NXY 634, and I love how the color is dark or bright pink but yet not too overwhelming. 😀

Nowadays, I really love plain tops or t-shirts because it is easy to match with any printed or colored jeans, and also easy to match with any bulky necklace to give the simple, cool and fashionable look.

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I love this new pair of slip-on that I bought from D&C for just $25-ish (sales).  ^^

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I just discover that there are a few Japanese food stalls at the basement of Takashimaya (I know I am slow), and so we choose Romankan Yokohama Katsu for our lunch.

My mum had the hotplate Tonkatsu with sauce and cooked cabbage in it. The sauce with the cooked cabbage is a little too salty, but if eat with rice, it’s still considered quite decent.

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I have Tonkatsu with Curry. The curry is quite yummy because I think the curry is cooked with carrots and meat though I did not see any of it. Lol. But I can still taste the sweetness from the carrots and the meat.

Tonkatsu wise, it’s quite crispy but the meat is kind of thin and lack juiciness. Oh well, we cannot complain too much when a set of this is only for $14-$18 as compared to those $25 – $33 sets in well known Tonkatsu restaurants!

If you are looking for a quick lunch to satisfy your Tonkatsu craving, I think this place can be considered. 😀

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There’s a mini food fair and I come across this Taiwanese food stall with a variety of famous Taiwanese Cuisine like Salted Crispy Chicken, Soya Sauce Marinated Pork with Rice etc. As we are too full from lunch, we decide to only try the Marinated Large Pig Intestines and it’s REALLY so nice!!!

Yucks to people to hate eating pig organs but kudos to people who love to eat Kway Chap with Pig Organs, like me. The intestines are soft and easy to chew on, with some fats, together with the sauce + ginger, it’s just my cuppa tea. 😛


2 thoughts on “Lunch – Romankan Yokohama Katsu

  1. I love eating at the department store basements in Japan! Sorry your tonkatsu wasn’t that great but I’m sure it’s better than anything here in Southern California!

    • Me too! The tonkatsu is actually not too bad! But I should be happy that I can get decent Japanese food in Singapore! ^^

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