Days in Tokyo – Flowers and Sakura in Imperial Palace East Gardens

PicMonkey Collage

In the Imperial Palace East Gardens, besides all the moats, walls, entrance gates and guardhouses, there are also many beautiful flowers around and it’s really a pretty sight. 😀



I thought photo really did not do this pink-white-ish flower tree justice because it really looks more grand and pretty in real. It’s just like a Christmas Tree but instead of stars, bells and jingles, flowers are decorating the tree.

Japanese are really nice. helpful and friendly as an Ojisan offered to take a photo for us with the ‘Flower Christmas Tree’ after seeing us taking turns to take photo with it. 🙂





I love pinkish flowers on the tree. 😛

PicMonkey Collage1

Cherry blossoms are blooming here too! And it’s nicer than those blooming at Ueno Park.




Lovely Sakura, aren’t they? 😀





I like how the Cherry Blossom frames me up like a photo frame. Hehe.


Unrelated to flowers or sakura, but I just somehow love these bamboo trees. I would recommend a visit to Imperial Palace East Gardens if you are in Tokyo during Spring and is a flower lover.

It was a windy day when we were here. I could even feel the wind pushing me to move forward and shaking my hands when I am taking photos. There’s a moment when the wind blows up the sand from the ground and created a mini sand storm, and tourists like us all went running for ‘life’.

The strong wind causes regrettable moment for the next place on my itinerary. Till the next post then. 😀


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