Days in Tokyo – Tokyo Skytree and Food!


From Otemachi Subway Station (Imperial Palace East Gardens), we take the Hanzomon Subway Line to Oshiage Subway Station which is just a short walk through underpass to Tokyo Skytree. When we arrive at the Tokyo Skytree ticket counters to purchase our tickets, we are welcomed by a ‘No Entry’ sign.

I am shocked and immediately look for the notice which is on the wall. Though the notice is in Japanese, I could still decipher what it meant with my limited Japanese and conclude that the wind is so strong that the Skytree cannot be open for safety reasons.

We are disappointed. Hu! Later on, I read from news that it was the first time that the Skytree was closed due to strong winds since its opening. Am I considered lucky?! So the only Skytree that I can see is from outdoor and I manage to at least take a picture of the grand Skytree. Then, I understand why the skytree needs to be close cos I witness it swaying lightly left and right, with the wind. >.<


Oh well, at least there’s a large shopping complex located at its base and there are shops selling Tokyo Bananas, Tokyo Chocolate Bananas, Vanilla or Almond Waffle Biscuits and other Japanese snacks which we did bought. Ah, Tokyo Bananas are not nice! I don’t like the fake banana taste, reminds me of Banana Flavor Bubble Gum. It is indeed overrated! 😀

Though the shopping complex is large, we are kinda lost at what to have for lunch. In the end, we found a food court which has the famous Ippudo Ramen Express Stall and Gindaco Takoyaki Stall. The ramen is indeed yummy with springy noodles, thick but non salty Tonkatsu soup base, onsen egg and of cos great Char Siew!


Famous Gindaco Takoyaki! Love it much! I wonder if the ones at Osaka will taste even better. Cannot wait to try it in my coming trip! 😛

PicMonkey Collage1

As I shop around, I am trilled to find Qu’il Fait Bon because I am too lazy to find the outlet at Ginza! There are no vacant seats in the shop and there is already a queue outside, so I decide to just take away. How can I not try this famous and highly rated fruit tart in Japan?!



The fruit tarts are really really not cheap! It ranges from $7 – $18 or even higher. So I chose the one that is more affordable – Strawberry Fruit Tart. This piece cost around $10 but it was enough to send me flying into the sky because it is JUST TOO YUMMY!

Look at the cream lying below? It is so fragrant, refreshing and smooth! The tart or rather the crust has this super nice buttery vanilla taste which goes very well with the cream! Of cos, the strawberries are fresh and naturally sweet with a little taste of sour. Coupled with the cream and the crust, it’s just too good!

PicMonkey Collage3

This is a almond crust cream puff. I really love the service in Japan! Initially, the girl packages the puff with only a plastic and I ask if I can have a carrier. She is all smiley and immediately packs it nicely into a pretty box with a handle! I am like ‘I just buy 1 puff only but she gives me a box’. Haha! You will never experience such high level of service in Singapore. NEVER. 😛

In Japan, I feel like I am a princess whenever I spend money, the service is just too good. ^^



A close up of the puff which is really yummy too! The cream is really up to the Japanese standard! The main highlight of this puff is the almond flakes on the surface of the puff which makes it a little crispy. ^^


We are tempted by the picture displays outside of a Japanese Dessert Shop and we decide to try it. I don’t like the green tea ice cream, not that I like it in the first place, but I thought maybe the green tea ice cream in Japan is different. And so it’s no difference, I still don’t like it. Haha.


The vanilla ice cream is much nicer, with the fruits and red bean, it’s quite nice. But nothing too special though. After shopping around at Skytree, we move on to Ginza for more shopping. Yes, Ginza again! 😛


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