The art of French Toast

photo 4 (1)

Though there are several shops that sell French Toast like Ya Kun, Toast Box and etc, I have never tried one that is comparable with what my mum makes. Those French Toast that I ate outside are usually no egg-fragrance and dry because the egg is only coated on the surface of the bread. When I bite into the bread, I can still see that the inner part is still white.

Hence, usually these French Toast will need to be matched with Kaya or Maple Syrup to give it taste. But then, I thought it will defeat the purpose of French Toast because egg should be the highlight and not the Kaya or Maple Syrup. No? 😛

I love the French Toast made by my mum best. First, she uses quality egg with 1 egg to 1 slice of bread. Second, she not only coat the surface of the bread but ensure that the egg seeps into the bread. Third, she adds sugar and salt to the egg before coating the bread.

Therefore, every bite of the French Toast is a burst of egg fragrance in the mouth! The inner part of the French Toast is yellow and coated with egg too! 😀


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