Days in Tokyo – Shinjuku Gyoen for Sakura :)

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On the last day, we decide to go Shinjuku Gyoen to try our luck on Sakura. Because I am feeling a little lazy to transfer to Shinjuku Gyoen Mae Station, we alight at Shinjuku Station and walk over. What a wrong decision because we lost our way, walked for nearly 45 minutes and ended up at the other gate entrance at the other end instead of at the Shinjuku gate entrance. Oh well~~~

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I love how the garden is so peaceful and scenic that I really enjoy strolling through it.

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Such a huge Sakura tree with full blossoms! I am so exhilarated that I was jogging over to it! Haha. We snap lots of photos with it over here. It is one of the most pretty Sakura tree that I have seen thus far! 😀




With some petals of Sakura lying just below the Sakura tree, it really makes a pretty sight! One of the Ojisan who was taking photos of the Sakura tree, volunteered to help us (all together) take a photo of the Sakura tree. The umpteen times that I really appreciate the helpfulness of Japanese. 🙂

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There’s this small little shop selling snacks and ice cream, and we bought this Red Bean Vanilla Waffle Ice Cream which is expectedly good! Oh well, ice cream in Japan never taste bad, at least not that I have tasted one before. Heh. Sitting on the bench under a mini Sakura tree, enjoying ice cream, life cannot be better.

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On the other side of the garden, Yulan Magnolia is also in it’s full bloom! Whitish big flowers against the clear blue sky is also a photo spot that cannot be missed! So beautiful. 😀




Sakura Tree or Yulan Magnolia, which is prettier? I like both!


The garden is really big but because we are flying back today, and needs to be back to hotel after lunch, we only manage to stroll half of it. Maybe next time, I will delicate more time to this garden and finish the other half of it. 🙂


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