Days in Tokyo – Some more local food before bidding goodbye to Japan

PicMonkey Collage5

Lunch is at Yoshinoya in Ikebukuro nearby our hotel. The Gyudon is so much better than the ones I ate in Singapore! The beef is given in ample quantity, thick slices, lots of sauce and sweet onions!


This is the set that I ordered. Pour the raw egg into the filter to separate the egg yolk and the egg white, then pour the egg yolk onto the gyudon, add in the green onions, stir and the don is ready for eating. It’s really very very very good! The salad is fresh, and there is sesame sauce for you to add in. Yum yum~~~


Look at the plastic bag, it is last minute shopping loots from Uniqlo. Japan is really too nice to shop! Haha. Retrieve our luggages from the concierge and pack in our last minute loots before we take the airport limousine bus from the hotel to airport.



After checking-in at the airport, we have dinner at this restaurant (it is outside of departure hall) and the food is really great with reasonable price range!



I have fried prawn don and the prawn is crispy and juicy, coupled with the egg and Japanese pearl-like rice, it’s really delicious.


Mum has Cold Soba with Tempura. Super nice too.


Dad has grilled beef with rice and omg, the grilled beef is heavenly good. Look at the colour, it is cooked to a perfect state, not overcooked, but not too raw.



We order 2 plates of sushi and the sashimi are really fresh! Slurps~~~


Narita Airport is great to shop for snacks. So do delicate more time by arriving at the airport earlier for food and shopping like us!


Arriving at Changi Airport with loads of luggages containing our loots at 3am. I finally finish the travelog for my Tokyo trip in March 2013. Next travelog will be on my recent trip ( actually I just arrived in Singapore on Saturday evening) to Kyoto, Nara, Tokyo, Kawaguchiko and Hakone. 🙂


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