Lunch and Dessert @ Lee Taiwanese and Blackball @ Star Vista :)

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OOTD for the day. Crop stripe top, jeans and scandals are from Forever 21, tank top is from New Look and the new green stripe bag is from Isetan. Necklace is from H&M. The little deer chain on the bag is from Nara, Japan. Heh.

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Initially, I want to bring my mum to Star Vista for the Blackball dessert as we are really missing those that we ate in Jiu Fen, Taiwan. But before dessert, we still need to have lunch right? So we decide to go Lee Taiwanese for lunch as I heard that it serves quite authentic Taiwanese food.

We both love Taiwanese food so much that we could gain a few kilograms when we are in Taiwan for holiday! 😛

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The business at Lee Taiwanese is quite good and the service is quite up to standard. We order a few dishes to share and the above is Tofu with Century Egg, some sauce, green onions and Katsuobushi (柴鱼) which I thought is quite yummy but nothing too special.

I remembered I ate the tofu with fried century egg, garlic, green onion and some special sauce in a night market in Yilan and it was much better than this. We also order the Red Milk Tea and it’s so-so, I have drank better ones. >.<

photo 1 (2)

This is pig intestines! I like this! It is soft, and the sauce is great, and most importantly, it does not have the stinky after taste that some pig intestines may have. BUT I thought the pig intestines slices could have been bigger, otherwise it’s not much of  a kick.

The one that I ate at a Taiwanese Food Fair in Takashimaya Singapore was the best! Exactly same taste but in bigger portion and slices.

photo 2 (3)

Beef Noodles. The soup is beef-y and thick, I love the thick white fat noodles too but the beef are too thin! Comparing with the famous beef noodles in Raohe Night Market in Taiwan which has thick beef with mixture of meat and tendon, and big slices of tendon, the beef noodle at Lee Taiwanese is not as great.

photo 3 (2)

卤肉饭. Not authentic enough. I think my mum can cook this too. Opps.

photo 4 (2)

咸酥鸡. Alright, I thought this is the best! It’s crispy, and the chicken meat is tender with a thinly coated outer layer. Salt flavouring is just nice.

photo 3 (3)

综合冰. Next best! Even though I still love the ones I had in Taiwan more, but this is actually not too bad! The green beans and the red beans are big, fat and sweet. The yam is not as great though cos I thought it is more like yam paste and the yam taste is not very strong too. 😀

All in all, I would still come back to Lee Taiwanese for the 综合冰 and 咸酥鸡, and if I have certain strong cravings for Taiwanese food, I will make do with Lee Taiwanese. However, the total bill came up to $60 ++ just for what we ordered above, so…… it’s quite expensive, and so I thought. Heh.

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photo 5 (1)

There’s nothing much to shop at Star Vista but I bought a pair of white heels for just $24 at Foot-In! Happy! The basement of Star Vista has Chinese New Year decorations too!

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Even though still full from lunch, we continue with our original plan which is to have my favourite blackball dessert! Yummy!!!! 🙂


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