Autumn Story In Japan 2013 – The Breakfast Before Nara :)

20140226-122943.jpg I know I have been neglecting this blog for quite sometime because I’m just too lazy to start typing. Hur. Anyway, Day 3 (3 November) plan is to go for a Nara day trip. 🙂

Before we leave our cozy hotel for the train station, I have my egg roll which I bought at Nishiki Market the day before for breakfast.

20140226-123008.jpg The egg roll is good! So tender and egg-y plus not too sweet. Oh well I love this kind of egg so much that usually I can have it for breakfast almost everyday in Japan. Heh. Too bad I did not manage to buy the one with unagi wrap inside, I suppose it will be much more yummier!

20140226-123038.jpg 20140226-124056.jpg As usual, selfies with Hui Ping before leaving the room. 😀