FT Island FTHX 6th Anniversary Concert Singapore 2014!

It was FT Island FTHX 6th Anniversary Concert yesterday and I was super excited and anticipating it! OOTD for the concert, rocker style with skull nails, skull rings, skull necklace and earrings! Heh!

Look at the skull nails! It’s actually nail stickers but don’t really last because the tip peel off after the concert last night. 😀

Banners were given by the fan club to almost everyone to be held up during the concert at certain songs! The one at the bottom ‘영원히함께 영원히사랑해’ means ‘永远在一起, 永远爱着你’ and the one in black means ‘Always With You’. So sweet. 😀

Waiting to enter the concert venue and I can feel the excitement climbing up!

This was the set list yesterday! So much more great songs than before and less of those cheesy Korean love songs which they used to sing cos of their idol image! Indeed, they have changed successfully to a rock band!!! Not idol cos you don’t see one saying ‘fuck’ all the time. And I really love them so much.

Hongki can sing and he can sing very well, much more well than some CN**** or May*** band. The atmosphere that the band create is also damn rockish and the music is good, not to the standard that I would expect as like Larcenciel or One Ok Rock but I know they will be one day! They are different from all the other Korean boy bands, therefore please don’t stereotype on FT Island.

Hongki is filming a drama now and he needs to juggle between concert tour and filming that he does not even have time to rest. So I could see that he looked quite tired yesterday but still he gave his very best with almost no glitches.

He was exclaiming that he had grew older and his energy level seemed to have been lower too and he felt tired easily. And I can’t help but exclaim the same for myself! I was so tired and body aching after the concert which I was not like that 2 years ago!

Anyway, Hongki was cute when he asked ‘I am so tired. Are you all ok?’ We shouted ‘Yes!!!’ And he said ‘Oh fuck! Very strong!’ Awwww~~~~ that’s him! So being himself and no image to care about at all. Lol!

Some songs that I really got mesmerize by him yesterday were ‘Beloved, Black Chocolate, Severely (cos he sang it with only Jonghoon’s piano), Madly (which sounds better in live), Love Sick (which was changed to a rockish style), Memory, Always With You, Revolution.’ Songs that I would like them to sing but did not are ‘Life, Beautiful World, Try Again’. Oh well, blame it on the short time!

Oh oh! And Jonghoon is so handsome in real person and totally charming! No wonder he’s my favourite guitarist cos he plays well and looks good! Heh.

Now FT Island had returned to Korea as they flew back immediately after the concert, and Hongki resumed filming without resting this morning. Hope I’ll see them soon again! 🙂


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