Autumn Story In Japan 2013 – Nara – Higashimuki Shopping Street (東向き商店街)

Just next to the Kintetsu Nara Station is the Higashimuki Shopping Street (東向き商店街). It’s just like another typical shopping street in Japan but I just love walking along such street. We have our lunch here at some random restaurant because we are awed by the fake food display. 



Claypot Udon! Udon is springy with a lovely soup base. Super comfort food in such a gloomy and cold weather. It is already late afternoon and we are famished!


Hui Ping’s lunch set. The Soba is also springy and the tempura are fried to a crispy state. Good and yummy!



After lunch, since we still have some time left before our train back to Kyoto, we shop around and I bought this. Guess guess, what is it? 😀


Tada~~~~ it’s red tea ice cream!!! I super love and like this because the red tea taste is so original and fragrant and non sweet! It’s just like drinking red tea ne….!


We continue shopping around and ended up buying many umbrellas because they are too pretty and cheap! Actually I bought only 2 but Hui Ping bought more for souvenirs. Heh. Almost could not make it back in time to train station but we did! Back to Kyoto ~~~~~ 😀


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