Autumn Story In Japan 2013 – Tsukemen Dinner @ Kyoto Station


We shop a little at the underground malls in Kyoto Station before settling at a random ramen restaurant for dinner. Ya, we usually just pick random restaurants for our meals by looking at the fake food displays outside and decide which ones tempt us more. Lol!

And its Tsukemen this time! I have been wanting to try Tsukemen and I finally tried it. I love it much! The noodles here are so good! I am not a good describer of food but I really like the noodles a lot.


Tsukemen meant ‘dipping noodles’. The soup is thicker than usual because it is meant for dipping the ramen. Flavourful!


There is free flow of Kimchi at this restaurant. Yummy!


We order Gyoza too and the outer skin is so crispy! Nothing can really goes wrong with food in Japan, I suppose. 😀



Happy me with my Tsukemen and Gyoza! After dinner and chilling for a while, it’s back to hotel for resting. Feet are super tired because we did a lot of walking at Nara! And it will be Arashiyama in the next post. 🙂


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