Autumn Story In Japan 2013 – Yummy Dinner @ Izakaya


This is the izakaya that we had our dinner and the food are really good! Though not too expensive but neither is it very cheap. We ended up paying around S$75 for the dinner. >.<


Potato Salad with pork.


I forgot what was this but I think it was chicken?! But I remembered that it was good!


Okonomiyaki and this is my favourite!!! The egg is so yummy and fragrant together with the fresh vegetables and pork, we really love this dish a lot.


This is chicken butt yakitori. So yummy!


This is a combo of chicken and pork yakitori without sauce but just sea salt.


Squid! Super fresh and together with the yakitori sauce, totally love it!




This is Hui Ping’s drink, something to do with Sake. I don’t like. Hehe.


How can I visit an Izakaya and not drink any beer. I love the beer in Japan! ^^

We chit chatted for a long while at the Izakaya as the ambience was really good too. With great food and beer to go along with, I think we spent a few hours there. By the time we returned to our hotel, it was already 9pm!


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