Autumn Story In Japan 2013 – Hello Mt Fuji @ Kawaguchiko

IMG_80666 November 2013 – Been eating too much for the past few days and hence, I had mixed vegetable and fruit juice for breakfast in the hotel room before leaving for Shinjuku to board the highway express bus to Kawaguchiko.

We reserved the earliest bus and so we got to leave the hotel at 6.30am. Cold outside, super cold! 


On board the highway bus, a 1.5 hours journey. We fell asleep on board and woke up to the blue sky and mountainous scenery. Pretty~~~~


Finally we reached at around 9am or so. Kawaguchiko Station! Still cold because it was still early in the morning. And I was trying to tolerate the cold as I did not want to take photos with the jacket (like all the time!). >.<



We bought the one-day kawaguchiko retro bus pass for 1000 yen from the station. So beautiful bus pass yo! We also popped by the tourist information centre at the station to get the retro bus route, map and timetable, and to get recommendations for onsen. 


Since it was still early for the next retro bus to arrive, we walked around the station and the scenery was great! Though it was cloudy and Mt Fuji was nowhere in sight! I am always that unlucky when it comes to weather. Oh and autumn was peak at Kawaguchiko when we were there on 6 November 2013! Autumn leaves everywhere and it was so beautiful. 🙂



With trains. ^^


A selfie when there is nothing to do while waiting for bus.


A map of Fuji Five Lakes at the bus stop at Kawaguchiko Station.

Guess what is our first stop? Heh.


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