Autumn Story In Japan 2013 – Onsen Here I Come (Onsenji Yume-Dono) ^^

IMG_8238The lady at the tourist information centre at Kawaguchiko Station recommended Onsenji Yume-Dono Ryokan to us for onsen. It can be reached by alighting at Ogi bus stop from the Kawaguchiko Retro Bus. 


Autumn leaves spotted just outside the entrance to Onsenji Yume-Dono.


The entrance. We cannot wait to soak ourselves in the onsen given the cold weather! I think the charges are 1000 yen? Could not exactly remember. >.<

The male receptionist was kinda good looking. Hehe. We bought the towel from the vending machine and we were ready to soak!


We were lucky or maybe we were early because the onsen area was totally empty. This is the bathing area. Shampoo and shower all provided.


This is the outdoor onsen. I really love outdoor onsen because the air is cold on top while the body is hot. 


This is also outdoor. Each tub is for different health reason.


This is indoor hot spring.


We totally love this. The bubbling hot spring felt like massaging on the body. Super relaxing and pressure releasing. ^^


After soaking and bathing, there are also ionic hair dryers available to blow the hair. In the changing room after soaking. Feeling refresh!


Us after soaking. Looking radiant?

IMG_8235 IMG_8248

There is also a resting area with heater on where we can rest after soaking in the onsen. Free hot green tea along the corridor or buy a drink from the vending machine like me.


Autumn leaves spotted within the onsen ryokan as well.


The street outside the onsen ryokan. How beautiful with the blue sky and mountainous background.

IMG_8258 IMG_8261

We crossed the street to the bus stop opposite to wait for the next retro bus to our next stop – Shizen Seikatsukan. 🙂


Taking a selfie while waiting for bus and the wind was so strong! The bus took a long while to come and for a moment, we thought we waited at the wrong place. 


The retro bus route map. The bus was crowded when it arrived but lucky we still managed to squeeze in. ^^


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