Lunch and Dessert @ Lee Taiwanese and Blackball @ Star Vista :)

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OOTD for the day. Crop stripe top, jeans and scandals are from Forever 21, tank top is from New Look and the new green stripe bag is from Isetan. Necklace is from H&M. The little deer chain on the bag is from Nara, Japan. Heh.

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Initially, I want to bring my mum to Star Vista for the Blackball dessert as we are really missing those that we ate in Jiu Fen, Taiwan. But before dessert, we still need to have lunch right? So we decide to go Lee Taiwanese for lunch as I heard that it serves quite authentic Taiwanese food.

We both love Taiwanese food so much that we could gain a few kilograms when we are in Taiwan for holiday! 😛

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The business at Lee Taiwanese is quite good and the service is quite up to standard. We order a few dishes to share and the above is Tofu with Century Egg, some sauce, green onions and Katsuobushi (柴鱼) which I thought is quite yummy but nothing too special.

I remembered I ate the tofu with fried century egg, garlic, green onion and some special sauce in a night market in Yilan and it was much better than this. We also order the Red Milk Tea and it’s so-so, I have drank better ones. >.<

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This is pig intestines! I like this! It is soft, and the sauce is great, and most importantly, it does not have the stinky after taste that some pig intestines may have. BUT I thought the pig intestines slices could have been bigger, otherwise it’s not much of  a kick.

The one that I ate at a Taiwanese Food Fair in Takashimaya Singapore was the best! Exactly same taste but in bigger portion and slices.

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Beef Noodles. The soup is beef-y and thick, I love the thick white fat noodles too but the beef are too thin! Comparing with the famous beef noodles in Raohe Night Market in Taiwan which has thick beef with mixture of meat and tendon, and big slices of tendon, the beef noodle at Lee Taiwanese is not as great.

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卤肉饭. Not authentic enough. I think my mum can cook this too. Opps.

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咸酥鸡. Alright, I thought this is the best! It’s crispy, and the chicken meat is tender with a thinly coated outer layer. Salt flavouring is just nice.

photo 3 (3)

综合冰. Next best! Even though I still love the ones I had in Taiwan more, but this is actually not too bad! The green beans and the red beans are big, fat and sweet. The yam is not as great though cos I thought it is more like yam paste and the yam taste is not very strong too. 😀

All in all, I would still come back to Lee Taiwanese for the 综合冰 and 咸酥鸡, and if I have certain strong cravings for Taiwanese food, I will make do with Lee Taiwanese. However, the total bill came up to $60 ++ just for what we ordered above, so…… it’s quite expensive, and so I thought. Heh.

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There’s nothing much to shop at Star Vista but I bought a pair of white heels for just $24 at Foot-In! Happy! The basement of Star Vista has Chinese New Year decorations too!

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Even though still full from lunch, we continue with our original plan which is to have my favourite blackball dessert! Yummy!!!! 🙂


The art of French Toast

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Though there are several shops that sell French Toast like Ya Kun, Toast Box and etc, I have never tried one that is comparable with what my mum makes. Those French Toast that I ate outside are usually no egg-fragrance and dry because the egg is only coated on the surface of the bread. When I bite into the bread, I can still see that the inner part is still white.

Hence, usually these French Toast will need to be matched with Kaya or Maple Syrup to give it taste. But then, I thought it will defeat the purpose of French Toast because egg should be the highlight and not the Kaya or Maple Syrup. No? 😛

I love the French Toast made by my mum best. First, she uses quality egg with 1 egg to 1 slice of bread. Second, she not only coat the surface of the bread but ensure that the egg seeps into the bread. Third, she adds sugar and salt to the egg before coating the bread.

Therefore, every bite of the French Toast is a burst of egg fragrance in the mouth! The inner part of the French Toast is yellow and coated with egg too! 😀

Lunch – Romankan Yokohama Katsu

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OOTD. The plain t-shirt is from Uniqlo, flowery skinny jeans from Forever 21 and the necklace from H&M. New lip color from NXY 634, and I love how the color is dark or bright pink but yet not too overwhelming. 😀

Nowadays, I really love plain tops or t-shirts because it is easy to match with any printed or colored jeans, and also easy to match with any bulky necklace to give the simple, cool and fashionable look.

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I love this new pair of slip-on that I bought from D&C for just $25-ish (sales).  ^^

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I just discover that there are a few Japanese food stalls at the basement of Takashimaya (I know I am slow), and so we choose Romankan Yokohama Katsu for our lunch.

My mum had the hotplate Tonkatsu with sauce and cooked cabbage in it. The sauce with the cooked cabbage is a little too salty, but if eat with rice, it’s still considered quite decent.

photo 1

I have Tonkatsu with Curry. The curry is quite yummy because I think the curry is cooked with carrots and meat though I did not see any of it. Lol. But I can still taste the sweetness from the carrots and the meat.

Tonkatsu wise, it’s quite crispy but the meat is kind of thin and lack juiciness. Oh well, we cannot complain too much when a set of this is only for $14-$18 as compared to those $25 – $33 sets in well known Tonkatsu restaurants!

If you are looking for a quick lunch to satisfy your Tonkatsu craving, I think this place can be considered. 😀

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There’s a mini food fair and I come across this Taiwanese food stall with a variety of famous Taiwanese Cuisine like Salted Crispy Chicken, Soya Sauce Marinated Pork with Rice etc. As we are too full from lunch, we decide to only try the Marinated Large Pig Intestines and it’s REALLY so nice!!!

Yucks to people to hate eating pig organs but kudos to people who love to eat Kway Chap with Pig Organs, like me. The intestines are soft and easy to chew on, with some fats, together with the sauce + ginger, it’s just my cuppa tea. 😛

Day Out Chilling @ Star Vista

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OOTD. The shorts and the top are both from Forever 21. I tried on Stylenande 3CE Peach Peach color lipstick, and Browish creamy eyeliner, and I really love them.

Brown eyeliner is much more natural and somehow makes the eyes bigger than black eyeliner, which I can never understand why. Lol. Also, I thought that brownish eyeliner is a perfect match with peach color lipstick. Heh.

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It was my first time at Star Vista, like seriously. I find it a good place for chilling as the outdoor space for most cafes or restaurants are actually quite nice. And there’re wide variety of food to choose from! We settled at Morganfield’s because there are recommendations that the pork ribs are good.

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The outdoor area at Morganfield’s. Not sure if it’s because of a rainy morning or because the ventilation here is good, the air was cool and we enjoyed ourselves outdoor. (Once out of a blue moon, haha!)

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Caesar Salad. It was disappointing even before we tasted it. There’s no slices of cheese, no bacon, no nothing! How sad. The taste was average. I have had much better Caesar Salad at a cafe in Plaza Singapura and it was a much satisfying salad.

photo 3 (3)

We are fans of Mushroom and so we ordered this. Erm, quite nice with the cheese powder and all but nothing too special.

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Iced Chocolate. More like milo with a lot of milk to me.  I don’t like, still prefer Dean & Deluca Hot Chocolate. I did not even finish half of it.

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The main star of the day – Honey Glazed Pork Ribs. The sides – fries and coleslaw are just mediocre. But the pork ribs are really not bad. it’s not like it’s super duper delicious but it’s above average.

The meat is easily separated from the bone and it’s not difficult to chew on. Plus I like it a little on the fatty side with still a bit of collagen on it. So this is good. The sauce is sweet too.

I saw others eating steak or fish and chips, and they look quite good. I guess I will only go back to try the main dishes and not the side dishes, though I think I won’t be going back for quite a while. 😛

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I finally get to try the famous Taiwan Blackball Dessert! It’s the most authentic and yummy one that I ate in Singapore, especially the Yam! Though not as yummy as the ones I had in Taiwan Jiu Fen, but it’s really comparable. And I thought the ingredients are on the less side, the ones that we had in Taiwan, the bowl could overflow with all the ingredients! Heh.

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We had a great time chilling, catching up on the gossips of work and also most importantly, finalizing our Japan’s trip itinerary! Yoo Hoo~~~ It’s 14 days more to Japan! 🙂

Hokkaido Food Fair – Hokkaido Pumpkin Cheesecake

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I thought that I really need to review on this Hokkaido Pumpkin Cheesecake which I bought from the Takashimaya Hokkaido Food Fair last week. It’s quite pricey though! $6 a piece! 😀

But it is amazingly crazily good that one could fly to the sky! Because of the pumpkin, the cheesy taste is just right. And the natural sweet + fragrance from the pumpkin coupled with the crisp and buttery crust at the bottom. It’s just heavenly yummy. 幸せな! The white melon seeds on top of the cheesecake also added points to it!

photo 5 (9)

I shall end this post with an awesomely yummy cheesecake face. Haha! 😛

Brunch @ Dean & Deluca

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OOTD. The long dress is from Uniqlo, slim blue belt and necklace are from H&M, and slippers is from D&C. I received my 2nd batch of Stylenanda 3CE Korean Cosmetics which I ordered from their website last Thursday. So I am ready to use them last Saturday. Heh.

I tried on the new foundation and it was REALLY good! There’s coverage but yet it’s not thick, it looks so natural, thin and transparent with a natural glow of the skin. It’s exactly like the Korean singers that you see on TV. I find it so much better than Laneige BB Cushion (not that Laneige is bad, just if you compare, Laneige has lower coverage).

The creamy eye liner is also damn good cos it’s easy to draw and it’s duper water + oil proof that it won’t smudge at all for a whole day. Yet, it’s easy to remove just with an eye-makeup remover. I tried on the EVITA color and it’s like dark purple. Somehow, I thought it makes my eyes bigger than when I use CATS color (Matte Black).

Stylenanda lipsticks are also highly recommended cos it’s very moisture, and the color is very uniform. It will not end up in patches like some other brands that I used. The color I put on today is Bad Pink and I love it max!

Opps, I think I digress a little from the topic. Heh. 😀

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We had brunch at Dean & Deluca located at Orchard Central. I have been wanting to try the pancakes with creams and berries since long time. This plate cost $22 or $25?! Expensive! But it’s damn nice and not to say, pretty~~~ just exactly like how girls love them.

The pancakes are so buttery that I could smell it while taking photos! Oh and they are oh so fluffy!  Coupled with the refreshing, non sweet but vanilla-filled fragrance of the cream, and tiny bits of the berries (sour sweet), it’s just yummalicious!

4 pieces of pancakes is really too much for me! I ate 3 pieces and donated 1 piece to my mum, but I am still left feeling full! I even skip dinner that day. Hur. 😛

photo 3 (8)

Since the first time that I had the Hot Chocolate here, I have been a loyal Hot Chocolate drinker whenever I visit Dean & Deluca. It’s just so thick and chocolate-ly, not diluted or too sweet like others.

photo 4 (7)

photo 5 (7)

There are 2 types of burgers and I think the only difference is one has mushrooms and the other does not have. Is it? I can’t really remember, but anyway I ordered the one with mushrooms. It’s Angus Beef Burger! $24! I have the beef well-done because I had medium-well beef elsewhere and most of the time they are bloody!! Hello, it looks more like medium than medium well. So I decided not to take the risk and had well-done.

Lucky! Cos there’s still a little little bit of blood (but acceptable to me) in the meat. But I would say the beef is super nice! It has the beefy-taste and still remains juicy even though it’s well-done. Oh and the mushroom in the burger is REALLY good! The fries are duper crispy, like it is still very crispy even after it is cold. There’s BBQ sauce for the fries and it’s just too matching!

photo 4 (6)

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After brunch and chit chatting for a while, we are off for shopping. Tried on this dress at Forever 21 and I love it. But my mum says not nice. So I didn’t buy it. Hehe. 🙂

GOOD Momiji Japanese Buffet Dinner @ City Square ^^

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OOTD – The lace transparent top is from Forever 21, shorts is from Dorothy Perkins, necklace from H&M and shoes are from Charles and Keith (the shoes bite! :()

Tried on the new NXY pink lipstick and oh how I love this colour!!

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Momiji Japanese Restaurant is located at City Square Level 5. Because Kushin Bo @ Suntec is closed, so we have to find somewhere that we can have snow crabs! I have read great reviews about Momiji and hence, decided to try it last Saturday.

photo 3 (6)

Look at how fresh the Sashimi are! There are Salmon Belly, Small Amaebi, Big Amaebi, Squid and Octopus! The sight of Amaebi is such a happiness for me! Most Japanese Buffet does not cater Amaebi and I LOVE Amaebi. 😀

photo 4 (6)

Snow Crabs! Though I find it smaller in size as compared to Kushin Bo, the crabs are less salty and more fresh, it has the crab-by taste. GOOD!

photo 5 (1)

There are various kind of sushi and because I could not stomach everything, I chose the ones with Salmon. OMG, it was good! So fresh! But the prawns are normal, not juicy nor sweet. The nicest prawns are still from Carousel. Heh.

photo 1 (2)

Wagyu Beef with Enoki! If the beef could be thicker, it will be better. But it’s really not bad. We rarely see this appearing in a Japanese Buffet too!

photo 2 (2)

Beef which is non wagyu but still quite beefy and nice.

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Next comes the Tempura and fried food which is ‘I find it better than Kushin Bo’! The tempura prawns are so fat and with so much crumbs, not to mention that the prawns are fresh too. The nicest and yummy-est is the fried salmon skin, head or meat! It is so fragrant that I could die for this. Every mouthful is full of collagen under the skin!

There’s also shishamo (fried small fish with eggs inside) which is so delicious and totally no fishy taste of the fish eggs. Pork Belly Nabe is miso-soup base, and drinking soup after indulgence of all the above is comforting.

photo 2 (5)

photo 1 (5)

What’s more?! There’s free flow of Imported Sapporo Beer! You need to bring receipt to exchange for a bottle of Sapporo Beer per pax and you can then exchange an empty bottle for the 2nd bottle, 3rd bottle and so on.  Oh how I love Japanese beer, the only beer that I like. 😛

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Last but not least, how can we miss out the desserts in a Buffet? There are not too much varieties but the cakes and cream puffs are really not too bad. Just that it is being refilled at a slow pace. If you want me to compare, I still think no one can fight the desserts section at Kushin Bo. Lol.

But there’s Haagen Dazs Ice Cream (Belgian Chocolate, Rum Rasin, Macademia Nuts and Green Tea Flavor) with waffle and I really love this!!!! If I am not so full, I will definitely go back for 2nd helping. My poor stomach cannot contain any more food at this point! 😀

The dinner cost $43 per pax (GST and Service Charge Inclusive). How worth it! Ya?

Shabu Shabu @ MOF Danro @ NEX

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Finally I met-up with my best-est friend, Yen for catching up over lunch last Saturday and it was really great!

This was my ootd. The short lace ‘cardigan’ was bought at Suntec and the dress was from Bangkok. Both were bought a few years ago and it was too tight on me last time. Now that I have lost quite a lot of weight, I can wear these at no effort. Hur!

Oh and I love the peachy colored lipstick from Etude! It’s just natural but not pale-looking! 😀

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Lunch was Shabu Shabu at NEX – MOF Danro. This is my 2nd visit and I still want to say that I love the soup base! There are around 5-6 kind of soup base, each famous from a certain part of Japan. I chose the Chicken Milk Broth Soup Base from Nara and Wafu Soup Base from Akita. How I love both soup base much!

The Chicken Milk Broth has a fragrant milk taste while the Wafu is a clear soup base with a tint of sweetness. As for the meat, I personally find the pork more yummy than beef because of the fats and the adequate thin-nest of it. The beef is just too lean and thin that there’s not much kick when you chew on it plus there’s really not much of a beef taste.

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And they have fish which I find it fresh. There are also cooked food like Chicken Kariage, Fried Lotus Roots, Sweet Sour Fish, Sushi and the Onsen Egg which are yummy too. I love the Chicken Kariage and the Onsen Egg best!

photo 5

Look at the variety that Danro has and this is still not all. What’s important to me and Yen is the LUNCHEON MEAT! Haha!

photo 4 (2)

How can we miss out the sauce for Shabu Shabu! I love their Ponzu Sauce much! Add in a little green onion and white radish, the sauce is ready to go! The 2nd sauce is basically RAW EGG. I know many will eek at the thought of it. But let me tell you, it’s the most traditional way of eating in Japan and it’s good!

No worrying about tasting the raw-ness of the egg because the meat is hot, and when dip into the egg sauce, the egg sauce will cover the meat and sort of become less raw. The meat with the fragrance of the egg is really super delicious.

photo 2


I am satisfied with Danro. Even though I wouldn’t say that this is super delicious or super good, but it is definitely well worth the money paid. I went on a Saturday lunch and it cost only $28 (all GST and service charge inclusive) per pax. How nice? 🙂

Lunch @ Crystal Jade

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This is my ootd. The top is from Forever 21 (notice the nice design at the back), the jean is also from Forever 21, shoes are from New Look and the Necklace is from Accessorize.

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Here’s a closer look of the necklace. Oh and I tried the other pinkish color of NXY lipstick which I bought and I love it much. So natural and yet not pale. 🙂

photo (28)

I was sick last Tuesday, having Gastric Flu is a terrible experience! The gastric cramp till as if twisted around and the pain is really not endurable and I even feel like blacking out. Lucky after the injection and the medication, the pain is gone in a day. But what comes after is indigestion and often bloated-ness after every meals. Oh well, so I got to just eat healthy plain sick-person’s food till I fully recover.

The only good food that I can have at Orchard with a not fully recovered gastric is Crystal Jade’s porridge and Ha Kau. How sad!

photo (34)

I love the Dim Sum and Porridge in Crystal Jade. Though less variety in the Dim Sum but I find it likable because they are just right on my taste buds.

I had the ‘Pi Dan Shou Rou Zhou’, and I like how the porridge is not watery-like and still with texture. Oh and it is not salty.

photo (32)

Another favorite of mine is the Ha Kau because the skin is transparent, thin and does not separate from the prawns. The most important is the natural sweet soup from the prawns that are contain within the Ha Kau. Hence, every mouthful of the Ha Kau, you will enjoy a burst of soup in the mouth. Yummy.

photo (33)

My mum had the Wanton Noodle. I don’t really fancy Hong Kong’s style Wanton Noodle because the noodle often has a strong ‘Noodle’ taste. The Wanton is nice though, the prawns are so fresh, fat, crunchy and sweet. I love the soup too cos it is cooked with ‘Bian Yu’ (literally translated to Dried Flat Fish) and there’s a special fragrant of the ‘Bian Yu’ in the soup.

photo (31)

Another must-have Dim Sum is the Steamed Chicken Feet! Their sauce is sweet salty with a bit of spiciness and the chicken feet is fat! Heh.

The Good Food @ Maxwell Food Centre

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My ootd. The long dress is from Uniqlo, sunglasses is from Eltrend and the scandals (one of my favorite!) is from Forever 21. At the sight of this red house, it is obvious that this is Tanjong Pagar. 1 month ago, Mum and I went to Maxwell Food Centre for lunch because we were like craving for the Ngoh Hiong and the Hainanese Curry Rice!

photo (23)

The famous Ngoh Hiong. I love the ‘Egg with Pork Oil’ the best cos it has this very very fragrant taste which I do not know how to describe it. Lol. Next favorite on the list will be the ‘Pork Liver Roll’ and the taste is definitely not disgusting or soggy like what most people think liver would be.

photo (7)

Hainanese Curry Rice with the famous Fried Pork Chop! I personally prefer the Marinated Pork Belly more cos the fats are just adequate (not too fatty or too skinny) and the sauce is salty sweet! The cabbage is also yummy as it is soft and juicy. With a big spoonful of the Hainanese Curry on the rice, no one can resist not eating this!

In fact, from young, my mum has been bringing me to Maxwell Food Centre for the Ngoh Hiong and Hainanese Curry Rice. After so many years, I would say the standard and quality of the food have dropped, but still the Ngoh Hiong and Hainanese Curry Rice are still the best-est among Singapore! 🙂

photo (4)

Dessert time from the famous store. The red bean soup is not just red bean, but there are black glutinous rice and some other ingredients in it which make it different from the usual red bean soup. It is more flavorful and the soup is a little starchy and not as thin / watery.

The peanut soup with ‘Tang Yuan’ is also one of the store’s popular dessert but I find the peanut soup itself, is just normal, like those ‘can’ peanut soup which my mum cooks at home. Nonetheless, the ‘Tang Yuan’ itself is a burst of happiness in the mouth with sesame and peanut!

Nowadays, we usually indulge ourselves in restaurants or the air-conditioned food courts, we should once in a while blaze the scorching heat and eat at Maxwell Food Centre for some really good and cheap food! ^^