Shabu Shabu @ MOF Danro @ NEX

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Finally I met-up with my best-est friend, Yen for catching up over lunch last Saturday and it was really great!

This was my ootd. The short lace ‘cardigan’ was bought at Suntec and the dress was from Bangkok. Both were bought a few years ago and it was too tight on me last time. Now that I have lost quite a lot of weight, I can wear these at no effort. Hur!

Oh and I love the peachy colored lipstick from Etude! It’s just natural but not pale-looking! πŸ˜€

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Lunch was Shabu Shabu at NEX – MOF Danro. This is my 2nd visit and I still want to say that I love the soup base! There are around 5-6 kind of soup base, each famous from a certain part of Japan. I chose the Chicken Milk Broth Soup Base from Nara and Wafu Soup Base from Akita. How I love both soup base much!

The Chicken Milk Broth has a fragrant milk taste while the Wafu is a clear soup base with a tint of sweetness. As for the meat, I personally find the pork more yummy than beef because of the fats and the adequate thin-nest of it. The beef is just too lean and thin that there’s not much kick when you chew on it plus there’s really not much of a beef taste.

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And they have fish which I find it fresh. There are also cooked food like Chicken Kariage, Fried Lotus Roots, Sweet Sour Fish, Sushi and the Onsen Egg which are yummy too. I love the Chicken Kariage and the Onsen EggΒ best!

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Look at the variety that Danro has and this is still not all. What’s important to me and Yen is the LUNCHEON MEAT! Haha!

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How can we miss out the sauce for Shabu Shabu! I love their Ponzu Sauce much! Add in a little green onion and white radish, the sauce is ready to go! The 2nd sauce is basically RAW EGG. I know many will eek at the thought of it. But let me tell you, it’s the most traditional way of eating in Japan and it’s good!

No worrying about tasting the raw-ness of the egg because the meat is hot, and when dip into the egg sauce, the egg sauce will cover the meat and sort of become less raw. The meat with the fragrance of the egg is really super delicious.

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I am satisfied with Danro. Even though I wouldn’t say that this is super delicious or super good, but it is definitely well worth the money paid. I went on a Saturday lunch and it cost only $28 (all GST and service charge inclusive) per pax. How nice? πŸ™‚