Autumn Story In Japan 2013 – Arashiyama – 嵐山の午餐


The restaurant that we are going to have our lunch! It’s located just opposite the bridge. It’s around 1 plus, I think. So we are super duper hungry and anything that can be eaten, we will eat. 😛


Here we are. Seated and ordered. The purpose of this photo is just to show how far apart we are sat opposite each other. The table is longish!


Happy me with my lunch. I order Udon Stew and we share Chicken Karaage. I love the stew much and the udon is flat and wide instead of those round and fat. It’s very springy and absorbs the stew well. There are mochi in it as well! The chicken karaage has very crispy skin, tender and juicy meat. Yummy.


After lunch, we stroll back towards JR Saga Arashiyama Station for train ride back to Kyoto Station. And it starts to drizzle lightly. Oh rain, I hate you when I am on holiday!


Waiting for train at JR Saga Arashiyama Station and takes a photo with this station guard. Fell asleep on the train all the way to Kyoto and is still sleepy / small eyes when I alight. Lol. 😀


From Kyoto Station, we walk / transfer to JR Nara Line to Inari Station which is just 2 stops from Kyoto Station. By the name of Inari Station, I’m sure it’s obvious that we are going to Fushimi Inari Shrine! Before that, we walk pass this famous waffle shop in Kyoto Station while on route to JR Nara Line. and decide to buy some waffles to try.

One thing about being on a free and easy trip, we live how the locals live and we decide when we want to stop and eat! 😛



Yummy! Crispy outer layer and soft inside. Bought a original and a white chocolate flavor. Not too sweet at all! Happy with the waffle but make a hoo-haa silly mistake later on the train ride. Till the next post. Hehe. 😀


Autumn Story In Japan 2013 – Arashiyama (嵐山) – The walk to the Sagano Scenic Railway Station


4 November 2013 – We wake up bright and early this morning because we are going for a day trip in Arashiyama, planning to catch the 9am plus scenic train from Torokko Kameoka Station. This is my breakfast which I bought from the shopping street in Nara the day before. Yummy much! Bakeries in Japan never disappoint me so far. Hehe.


A selfie of us while waiting for the subway to Kyoto Station. 😀

From Kyoto Station, we took the JR Sagano Line to Umahori Station which is only a short 5-10 minutes walk to the Torokko Kameoka Station (last station of Sagano Scenic Railway). Most people will take to JR Saga-Arashiyama Station in which the Torokko Saga Arashimaya Station (Starting point of the Sagano Scenic Railway Station) is just next to it.

However, the famous bamboo forest is at the next station, Torokko Arashiyama Station. Therefore, if we start from Torokko Saga Arashimaya Station, we will only be able to enjoy the scenic train for a short distance (which is not the most beautiful scenery part) if we need to go to Bamboo Forest. Otherwise, we will need to take to the last station Torokko Kameoka Station and then take the train back to Torokko Arashiyama Station which is a waste of time.

Furthermore, there are many reviews that the walk from JR Umahori Station to Torokko Kameoka Station is actually quite scenic and peaceful, and is worth the walk. So we decided the best way is to start from the last station Torokko Kameoka Station, enjoy the most scenic part of the scenic railway ride all the way to Torokko Arashiyama Station, and then go to the famous bamboo forest. Yeah me, because it is a super right decision! 😀


Once we exit JR Umahori Station, we immediately see a signage pointing us to the the correct walkway to Torokko Kameoka Station.


This whole area is backdropped by mountains, layers and layers of mountains. So beautiful.


Haha. So cute. I mean the cones. Lol.



Let’s walk towards Torokko Kameoka Station! It is the most peaceful and enjoyable walk ever because of the cooling weather and mountainous and quiet surroundings.



Almost reaching!


And here we are! But we are too early and the station will only open at 9am. Hehe. But no worries because we already reserved our tickets at Kyoto Station on the first day. If taking the train from Torokko Kameoka Station, remember to get seats on the right side in order to have the most scenic view. Heh.



While waiting for the station to be open, we cannot miss taking photos of the great mountainous view just outside of the station. Now, I am looking forward to the Sagano Scenic Railway ride! 😀