Lunch and Dessert @ Lee Taiwanese and Blackball @ Star Vista :)

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OOTD for the day. Crop stripe top, jeans and scandals are from Forever 21, tank top is from New Look and the new green stripe bag is from Isetan. Necklace is from H&M. The little deer chain on the bag is from Nara, Japan. Heh.

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Initially, I want to bring my mum to Star Vista for the Blackball dessert as we are really missing those that we ate in Jiu Fen, Taiwan. But before dessert, we still need to have lunch right? So we decide to go Lee Taiwanese for lunch as I heard that it serves quite authentic Taiwanese food.

We both love Taiwanese food so much that we could gain a few kilograms when we are in Taiwan for holiday! 😛

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The business at Lee Taiwanese is quite good and the service is quite up to standard. We order a few dishes to share and the above is Tofu with Century Egg, some sauce, green onions and Katsuobushi (柴鱼) which I thought is quite yummy but nothing too special.

I remembered I ate the tofu with fried century egg, garlic, green onion and some special sauce in a night market in Yilan and it was much better than this. We also order the Red Milk Tea and it’s so-so, I have drank better ones. >.<

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This is pig intestines! I like this! It is soft, and the sauce is great, and most importantly, it does not have the stinky after taste that some pig intestines may have. BUT I thought the pig intestines slices could have been bigger, otherwise it’s not much of  a kick.

The one that I ate at a Taiwanese Food Fair in Takashimaya Singapore was the best! Exactly same taste but in bigger portion and slices.

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Beef Noodles. The soup is beef-y and thick, I love the thick white fat noodles too but the beef are too thin! Comparing with the famous beef noodles in Raohe Night Market in Taiwan which has thick beef with mixture of meat and tendon, and big slices of tendon, the beef noodle at Lee Taiwanese is not as great.

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卤肉饭. Not authentic enough. I think my mum can cook this too. Opps.

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咸酥鸡. Alright, I thought this is the best! It’s crispy, and the chicken meat is tender with a thinly coated outer layer. Salt flavouring is just nice.

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综合冰. Next best! Even though I still love the ones I had in Taiwan more, but this is actually not too bad! The green beans and the red beans are big, fat and sweet. The yam is not as great though cos I thought it is more like yam paste and the yam taste is not very strong too. 😀

All in all, I would still come back to Lee Taiwanese for the 综合冰 and 咸酥鸡, and if I have certain strong cravings for Taiwanese food, I will make do with Lee Taiwanese. However, the total bill came up to $60 ++ just for what we ordered above, so…… it’s quite expensive, and so I thought. Heh.

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There’s nothing much to shop at Star Vista but I bought a pair of white heels for just $24 at Foot-In! Happy! The basement of Star Vista has Chinese New Year decorations too!

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Even though still full from lunch, we continue with our original plan which is to have my favourite blackball dessert! Yummy!!!! 🙂


Autumn Story In Japan 2013 – It is all about food and shop in Kyoto Day 1 :)

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It’s unbelievable how I managed to survive carrying a 26 inch luggage and a big hand carry bag up several flights of stairs in the subway station in order to arrive at the hotel. Amazing me. Still glad that I still have the energy to go out immediately after checking-in to hotel room. 😀

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First, we explore the streets just outside our hotel and I really love staying here! There’s a 24 hour supermarket along the street (on same side as our hotel, turn left upon exiting hotel entrance) and I love supermarket in Japan! So much snacks, and what’s not to buy!

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As we have not taken any food since we shared the waffle on NEX, we decide to buy sushi and dessert from the supermarket to eat. We settle at a small bench next to the supermarket and start on our first sushi in Kyoto. It’s yummy even though it’s from the supermarket. Awww….. how I love Japan!


Our dessert! Glutinous rice top with sweet and big fat red bean!!! I really do not understand why red beans are always so damn delicious in Japan. Cos grass is greener on the other side? Hur.

We continue exploring the street and are delighted to find a drugs store and a 100 Yen shop around! There’s a super huge 7-11 on the opposite street. There’s a Yayoiken Restaurant and MacDonald on the right side of the hotel.  Now you know why I love staying at Citadines Kyoto!

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There’s an Aeon Mall nearby to Kyoto Station. It’s actually next to New Miyako Hotel. If you go from Kyoto Station, either look for New Miyako Hotel direction or Hachiko Exit of Kyoto Station. Kyoto Station is big and quite complicated but it really has everything! Shopping malls (a lot!), underground shopping mall (there’s 2!), restaurants (a lot!), Drugs Store and supermarkets (a lot!).

Once you get use to the station layout, it’s actually easy to navigate but be prepared to walk a lot! Back to Aeon Mall, there are 2 sides of Aeon mall separated by a bridge. The one on the right side has more restaurants and shopping. Uniqlo, Muji, Gap, Daiso and some individual shops. Oh, and a huge supermarket too!

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Christmas decorations are already all around on 1 November 2013 (that’s really early!) and how I love them! The stairs are decorated with many Santa Clauses but I thought they look more like the 7 dwarfs. Opps!

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First thing into the mall is to look for food for dinner! I know we just had sushi and dessert but those are like snacks. Haha. Google this Shabu Shabu Buffet Restaurant before my trip and seems like the reviews are not bad. So we decide to come and try. It’s call Shabu Shabu Ku Raku.

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Happy me. I thought the price is cheap (I think around $20+ per pax) so do not expect great variety of food or what’s not. But it’s enough to satisfy me. Notice the pot of soup, it’s actually plain water. Most people has the misconception that Shabu Shabu soup is like chicken soup or pork bone soup cos it’s like that in Singapore.

But in fact, if you have Shabu Shabu in Japan, the soup is just plain water. You are not supposed to drink it. It’s just for the purpose of cooking your food. The main highlight is the dipping sauce!


We had pork and beef. Well it’s not the best-est meat that I have (with nice marble and all) but it’s really not bad. The slices are thick and the meat are fresh! I mean those I have in Singapore are really thin that I have to cook 3 slices together in order to taste the meat. Lol.


Sauce! This is soup (not sure what kind of soup), add a little Yuzu Sauce (I think it has pepper in the sauce as well) and green onion. Dip the meat in it and yums! I really love the sauce much!

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There’re also mushrooms, vegetables, udon and ramen at the counter for grab. Hui Ping took this photo of me looking disgruntled. But I am not. 😛

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Free flow of Vanilla Ice Cream which is so rich in milk! Slurps.


After dinner, we see Daiso and we go crazy in it cos it’s so so so big! It’s 100 yen for everything and almost everything you need.

Then, we shop at Uniqlo and I bought like 2 winter jackets (the fat and fluffy kind, one for mum and one for myself) and also a knitted above knee top to match with leggings. OMG. Uniqlo is damn cheap in Japan (Of cos la, duh! It’s Japanese brand) and I nearly killed myself when the 2 jackets that I bought here are later on put on sale in Tokyo. It’s like a further discount of another $20! Smacks self on the forehead.

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Hui Ping needs to go to the ladies and so I settle down on the bench outside to wait for her after buying this apple tea from the vending machine. But I do not really like it. It’s not the drink, I think it’s just me. I don’t like the combination of apple and tea, it just…. taste… weird.


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We walk back to Kyoto Station and the temperature has dropped a little since night is here. Walk pass this restaurant selling fruit tarts and is attracted by the rows of display! We order 1 slice to share and we chose the cheapest one. Haha. This slice cost like $9! But it’s so yummy with the fresh fruits on top and the smooth cream below coupled with a crispy buttery crust at the bottom.

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No these are not from the fruit tart restaurant, we bought them from a bakery store next door. Love the Halloween Themed Bread which has curry filling inside. But I didn’t get to eat it cos I left it in the fridge and totally forgotten about it. Hu!

The pudding is yummy! I have it for breakfast on a certain morning. It has this vanilla custard taste and, is so soft and smooth! 😀

Time to call it a day and we return to our hotel for rest. Looking forward to the next day as it’s a day of sightseeing and history digging!

Days in Tokyo – Shop @ Ginza and Tonkatsu Dinner :)


Even though this is my second time to Tokyo (4th time to Japan), it’s my first time stepping onto Ginza. I have always thought that Ginza houses all the branded goods and I don’t think I will be able to afford those. Hence, I have always avoided this place.

However, during my research, I notice that there’s a 11-Storied Uniqlo and a H&M over here, so I decide to visit Ginza for the Shabu Shabu lunch and then shopping. 🙂

I am not disappointed! I have a great time shopping over here. From Gu (Uniqlo sub brand, cheaper range), Uniqlo, H&M and Forever 21 XXI. Gu is really highly recommended as the price range is very friendly with good quality and nice range of clothes. Uniqlo is very much cheaper than Singapore, especially sales items!

H&M is rather small and the range is similar to Singapore, so I didn’t get anything from here. Forever 21 XXI series is not as nice as the Forever 21 at Harajuku, but still great to shop! It’s 4-5 storied, I think. 😛

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There’re a few department stores at Ginza too. We walk over to Mitsukoshi basement to look for dinner and we happen to come across this small Tonkatsu store, 乾山. We are very much attracted by the plastic food sample displays and since the price is reasonable, we decide to try it. 😀

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This is what I have. Tonkatsu with a layer of egg Don ( with rice). The Tonkatsu is very thick and the meat is juicy and soft. The outer layer is really crispy! I love it.


This is what my parents have. Similarly delicious!


This is supper back in the hotel. I know it’s FAT but it’s NICE!  I bought it from Ikebukuro Tobu Deparment Store Basement. The cream is so refreshing, fragrance and tasty! Not too sweet and coupled with the sweet sour strawberry, yummy!

The other flavor is red bean and I love this so so so much! The match of red bean and cream is just too amazing! I finish the red bean one in seconds! 😛

Days in Tokyo – Dinner @ Matsuya

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Before we went for dinner, we went to OIOI Department Store which is near to our hotel in Ikebukuro, to shop around. Mum managed to buy 2 pieces of flowery handkerchief over here. Matsuya is just located opposite of OIOI department store which can be easily spotted with its’ bright yellow signage.

The seats were all ‘counter-seat’ and it was rather crowded during dinner time. As usual, the ordering and payment is via a vending machine which displays everything in Japanese. With my limited Japanese, I have to make do with the pictures and some of the wordings but I managed to do fine and order the right food. Heh.


Collect the tickets from the vending machine and hand it over to the person-in-charge over the counter and he will prepare your food. This is what I ordered. Gyu-Don with the ‘oh so beautiful’ egg with sprinkles of Japanese onion.


This is Gyu Don with egg but without the Japanese Onion and the miso soup is more flavorful with more ingredients like tofu, tau pok, seaweed, radish etc. I prefer the Gyu Don without the Japanese Onion because the strong onion taste will cover the tastiness of the beef.

The beef itself is so heavenly good! In huge pieces, soft, juicy and the sauce is so yummy! Mix the beef together with the egg and the Japanese round and shiny pearl-like rice, I really love this much! As compared to the Yoshinoya in Singapore, this one is so much more nicer!

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We went to the basement of Tobu Department Store which is connected to Ikebukuro Station for more food after dinner. As many would have known, the basement of Japanese Department Store is a place with all the treasures for food and free sampling!

I bought the Fried (Ebi) Croquette and omg, the prawns are in big pieces (not minced prawn), crunchy and fresh! On the other hand, the ‘bao’ and the ‘siew mai’ is just ma-ma desu (average).

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Back to the hotel room, bath and it’s supper time. I have been eating non-stop. These are the breads that we bought at the Asakusa Supermarket earlier. The one on the left is White Sesame Red Bean Bun, the one at the centre is Black Sesame Red Bean Bun and the one on the right is a Cream Bun.

All 3 are delicious! You know, I love Japanese bread, cream and red bean. The cream is not very sweet and is very smooth. The red bean is also not very sweet, big fat juicy and super fragrant!